The Hubble Area Telescope has captured one other picture of one of many unusual and wondrous sights of our universe — this one exhibiting the spiral galaxy NGC 4651, also called the Umbrella Galaxy.

Though the galaxy “might look serene and peaceable because it swirls within the huge, silent vacancy of house,” Hubble astronomers write, “don’t be fooled — it retains a violent secret. It’s believed that this galaxy consumed one other smaller galaxy to turn into the big and delightful spiral that we observe at this time.”

It’s thought that way back, a smaller dwarf satellite tv for pc galaxy orbited round a bigger galaxy. However the dwarf galaxy got here too near its bigger neighbor and was torn aside by gravitational forces, being absorbed into the bigger galaxy.

29b10089059ec8f2250a8b7df2127507-1 The peaceful-looking Umbrella Galaxy has a violent, cannibalistic previousThe spiral galaxy NGC 4651, captured in by the Hubble Area Telescope in a picture launched on March 30, 2020. ESA/Hubble & NASA, D. Leonard

The galaxy at this time is named the Umbrella Galaxy as a result of a faint umbrella-shaped construction that extends outward from the primary physique of the galaxy. That construction can’t be seen on this picture, however it’s clearly seen on this older picture of the identical galaxy. The big construction stretches 100,000 light-years out from the galactic disk, and consists of the paths left behind by stripped stars.

The umbrella construction was fashioned on account of this galaxy devouring its neighbor. Because the smaller galaxy was torn aside by the gravitational forces in a course of referred to as gravitational stripping, it fashioned into a protracted, skinny construction referred to as a tidal stream. It’s thought that these streams, composed of stars and fuel, can ultimately type prolonged disks, such because the one seen across the Andromeda galaxy. However within the case of the Umbrella Galaxy, the stream was pulled away from the primary galactic disk and it will definitely unfold out to type the umbrella form.

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Another excuse that the Umbrella Galaxy is notable is that it may be seen utilizing newbie telescopes. Because the Hubble scientists defined, “Though solely a telescope just like the NASA/ESA Hubble Area Telescope, which captured this picture, may give us an image this clear, NGC 4651 can be noticed with an newbie telescope — so if in case you have a telescope at house and a star-gazing eye, look out for this glittering carnivorous spiral.”